Triage Projects

Learn to implement an effective work management process to field new project requests, accurately gauge your team's bandwidth, & set realistic delivery dates.

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This course gives you the tips, tools, and best practices to create and define internal processes to triage, prioritize, and execute project requests - without unnecessary stress or overworking your team to get it done.

Who should take this course?

  • Marketing Managers & Supervisors
  • Marketing Operations Roles
  • Any marketing team member responsible for assigning work to their team
  • Any marketing team member that fields or manages internal project requests

Marketing Course Level:

  • Advanced

Estimated Length Of Time To Complete This Course:

1 Hour

Course Outcomes:

By creating clearer outcomes, you and your team will be happier and more productive.

An improved project request process will make your stakeholders happier, too. Set realistic deadlines with complete transparency to your stakeholders, so your team can deliver projects when promised every time.

Lessons include:

  • Lesson One: How (And Why) To Create A Marketing Services Catalog
  • Lesson Two: How To Set Accurate Timelines Estimates To Meet Deliver Dates Every Time
  • Lesson Three: How To Create A Project Request Form
  • Lesson Four: Time Management Principles For The Busy Marketing Team
  • Lesson Five: The Uncommon Skill Of Saying "No" To New Project Requests

Your team deserves processes that prevent employee burnout. Stop overloading your team with tons of last minute project requests.

After implementing what you learn in this course, you'll be less stressed, more productive and a marketing hero to your team and your stakeholders!

Your Instructor

Jordan Loftis
Jordan Loftis
Jordan is CoSchedule's content marketing strategist. His content chops run deep, from copywriting to hosting the "Actionable Marketing Podcast." To date, he's ghostwritten 18 business books, is a frequent speaker at conferences and retreats, and loves a good dad joke.

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