Facebook Advertising

Learn the key things to consider while building, maintaining, and tracking Facebook ad campaigns to ensure they stay healthy.

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Facebook is a crowded space.

And you've probably discovered that organic Facebook reach isn't producing results like it once was.

So option then becomes...

"Do I throw money behind Facebook ads?" OR "Do I choose to abandon my efforts on Facebook entirely?"

This course will break down how to setup and execute Facebook Ad campaigns.

Who should take this course?

  • Social media marketers
  • Any marketer responsible for Facebook Advertising

Marketing Course Level:

  • Beginner to Intermediate

Lessons Include:

  • Lesson 1: Setting Campaign Objectives + Expectations
  • Lesson 2: Choosing Your Target Audience
  • Lesson 3: Ad Copy & Creative
  • Lesson 4: Measuring Results
  • Lesson 5: Common Pitfalls Of Facebook Advertising

Take this course to get the basics of launching, maintaining, and measuring your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Your Instructor

Rachel Wiinanen
Rachel Wiinanen

Rachel lives in Google Ads, loves copywriting, and talks too much about her black cat (his name is Hank and he's a tyrant). She also occasionally writes blog posts and is now making her on-screen debut with the Actionable Marketing Institute. While not at CoSchedule, she can be found on a patio with apps and a beer.

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